About INB Law

• Indranil Biswas & Associates Advocates and Legal Consultants is a Kolkata based full service law firm, having associates all over India engaged in providing legal services to individuals and corporate clients.
• The firms aim is to provide quality and efficient legal services to its clients. The firm has a personal approach combined with efficient and highly professional standards and aim at providing comprehensive legal services to its clients.
• The Firm provides valuable insights regarding the prevailing economic and commercial scenario in India. In a fast paced legal and business environment, the legal team is quick in providing the clients with clear and practical advice to execute their commercial transaction.
• The Firm provides all assistance in India especially in West Bengal to set up any national or international company to set up any kind of business and offices through providing legal and optimum liaising services to its customers. The Firm has assisted clients entering the Indian market, advising them on the most efficient market entry strategies, including Indian economic and commercial scenario and tax efficient structures.
• The Firm is engaged in all aspects of general litigation amongst other matters including recoveries, contractual disputes, consumer complaints, restrictive trade practices, white collar offences and cross border arbitrations. Members of the Firm possess well-proven expertise in handing complex transactions and are constantly aiming at optimum results operating on an international time frame.

• The Firm also specializes in extensive legal research, drafting or vetting of documents and contracts, contract conditions, joint ventures , strategic-planning, due diligence, negotiating for and behalf of clients, liaison with Reserve Bank of India, Registrar of Companies, Foreign Investment Promotion Board, Trade Mark Registry, Registrar of Assurances.
• Our firm is provides a wide range of litigation, transactional and business-oriented services.
• We offer our clients high standard of legal advocacy in the area of family law, complex business and tort litigation, criminal law litigation, complex family law litigation , real estate, products liability, personal Injury and employment law. We diligently resolve our client’s issues consistent with the solution they desire. We provide intricate advice regarding the merits and consequences unique to each client's circumstances.
• We take the valuable opinions of experts when necessary to accomplish our client’s objectives. So we affiliate with well known, respected experts including forensic accountants, values, co-parenting counselors, appraisers, etc.
• We make sure our clients are informed about every option available as the proceedings evolve. We clearly communicate with our clients regarding case strategy going forward in order to provide strong legacy advocacy.
• In Family Law our firm is sensitive to the fact that Family Law issues generally involve minors and children. We give supreme priority to the health, safety and welfare of the minors and the children concerned. In Family Law we keep in mind our clients goals as well as the best interests of the children. We give supreme importance to negotiated and mediated agreements.

20 years practicing. B. Com.B.A.LL.B from University of Calcutta.. >> Civil & Writ practice. >> Member of Bar Asociation High Court, at Calcutta. >> Member of The Calcutta City Court Bar Asociation.
OUR OBJECTIVE OUR COMMITMENT Our primary object is to provide legal services in a societal concept. Transparency, conscientiousness, earnestness and competent delivery of services in the most cost effective and honest way is and will always be our primary concern.We have a vision to deal with every legal query with intricate legal research along with a commitment towards the community at large. We believe that every person has his own specified legal need in today’s complex world. Our commitment is to provide specified personalized customized legal services. Our main commitment is to understand your problems and requirements and providing efficient professional services honestly and sincerely to you. We provide a transparent and structured fee structure and we give a patient hearing to any kind of grievances if at all it should arise.We also provide lady advocates to lady clients for their utmost secrecy which they may not be able to communicate to a male lawyer.


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